Thursday, July 11, 2024

This is Princess Sophie Charlotte

This is Princess Sophie Charlotte, born in 1744. She was the first Blàck Queen of England, married to King George III. She reigned during the American revòlution and was Queen of the 13 original colonies before they won independence. In fact Charlotte, North Carolina is named in her honor. Between, Queen Charlotte is the great great grandmother of Elizabeth II and the great, great, great, great grandmother of Prince William’s (next to be King after Charles) young daughter, Charlotte. Yes, there is African blòòd in the Britìsh Ròyal fàmily. I ùrge you to rèad “The Journey of Man.” Scièntists using DNA say they can pròve ALL HÙMAN LIFÊ begàn in Africà! Yup, gò back far enòugh and yòu’re Blàck!)

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