Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Fiji Prime Minister Moves to PM house

Tonight, my family will be spending our first night in the official residence of the Prime Minister at 70 Ratu Sukuna Road. Our Donu home in Namadi Heights has been good to us, but the call of the nation means we have to relocate to the home provided for the Head of Government.

Before settling in for the night, we were honoured to host Turaga Talatala ena Tabacakacaka ko Nasinu, the Reverend Isireli Kacimaiwai who prayed and blessed the residence.

I'm glad Talatala Kacimaiwai did the honours because he has been with me and the Party I lead, The People's Alliance through thick and thin.

Actually, this used to be the residence of the Chief Justice until my predecessor decided to make it the PM residence.
The real official residence of the Prime Minister is actually next door. It was built during my first time as Prime Minister from 1992 to 1999. We were a small family then, and we spent some happy days there. This residence has fallen into disrepair unfortunately, and hopefully once the financial situation of our economy improves, there will be funds available to give it a good facelift.

But that's for the future. As for now, 70 Ratu Sukuna Road is home.

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