Monday, April 26, 2021

PNG's Military - The Science Of Armed Combat: The Interface

Even if the PNG Army were to execute the final act to defend the PNG Constitution, it would be done ‘New Guinea Style’.

The argument is a military coup can be justified.
And, the following features of a dysfunctional political system must manifest itself, if not already.
Nicolai Macklay, the Russian scientist and humanist scholar said in the late 1800s that
the people of New Guinea share a world view.
He referred to pre and post - colonial contexts of a Papuan nation in tribal Melanesia.
The features of this world - view are made up of the ideal type, as well as the experience the country has gone through with plus, and minus.
So, the apart from theory, practice shows the majority of people right across the country: (1) are left out and have no real stake in the country; (2) dependent because they cannot decide on fundamental economic issues; and (3) find therefore themselves not easily motivated to take part in the development effort.
The army coup leader will have to define all that before the regime change is executed to uphold the national interest and the common good some forty plus years after PNG gained independence from Australia and came up with its own definition of democratic governance.

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